I’ve lived all over the US and my last move brought me back to my family in Port Charlotte, FL. The garage was filled with everything I accumulated over the years, as well as the boxes of stuff from my childhood that my parents held onto. I couldn’t move in there, let alone, sort through anything! I knew for me, the answer was shelves. I built shelving units and everything piled across the garage floor could now be shelved and out of the way! I now had the room to set up a table and could start sorting through boxes. This simple approach sparked the idea of building garage shelving units for others!

I have always been organized! From my room as a child to the apartments I’ve had and the current house I live in. I’ve worked in the custom closets and cabinets industry for over six years as a designer, CAD trainer, office administrator, and operations coordinator. I love helping people get organized and delivering the best shelving units you can buy is how I do it! The SHELVIT! units I build, offer everyone the same organization that can make life better. Daily life can be filled with chaos, so keeping your things in order can create a great balance for you!

- Jeff