Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build the shelving on site?

No. After a design consultation and a plan put into place, the shelving units are pre-built at the shop and brought out in an enclosed trailer. They are then assembled and put into place. This drastically reduces the installation time and eliminates sawblade noise and sawdust!

Are the shelves mounted to the wall?

No, it is not necessary – the shelving units are free standing and are not tied to the wall or floor. These units are very heavy and with the bottom shelf acting as an anchor, they are extremely stable.

How long does it take to install?

Each unit takes just 40 minutes to assemble and put into place.

What’s your turn-around time?

Unpainted shelving units can be delivered and installed within a week. Painted units take an additional week for priming and painting.

What color choices to you offer?

Shelvit offers White, Black, Grey and Tan.

Can the shelving units be customized?

For sure! Shelvit has a solution for space restrictions like garage door rails, outlets, hot water tanks, etc. The shelving can be modified to fit with anything you may have sharing the space.

Are they sturdy?

Very! The are built with 3” screws and with a depth of 24”, they are extremely stable. The bottom shelf creates a self-anchoring effect that virtually eliminates tip-over hazards.